Better Interior design degree course

This subject was not even recognized as a career choice few decades back but now many youth seeks to pursue it as a profession. From a celebrity or a common man buying a new flat for the first time everyone wants their new home to be beautiful. An interior designer helps us in decorating that dream home for us.

Degree courses offered for interior designing

interior design degree course offer both undergraduate and post graduate degrees all over India. If we are passionate about this career path a bachelor degree is the first step to pursue it.

Bachelor of design in interior design: It is an undergraduate course for 4 years. The criteria for this course are passing our higher secondary examination with a pure science stream with physics and mathematics which may vary for different institutes. This course study teaches all the basics of this subject to introduction to advance areas

Masters of interior designing: it is a post graduate course of 2 years. Students who fulfil the criteria of a bachelor degree in this subject can appear for the master degree course. Master degrees are higher level of studies and require a lot of field work in this subject. Admissions are open in various colleges we just have to keep an eye for the correct admission timing.